The Home Care Awards have 18 Expertise categories – which can be entered by providers of all types of care at home in the UK – and 2 Gold awards for Overall Achievement – which are decided by the judges and cannot be entered directly.

The Awards set out to recognise and reward business success in home care. For clarity the term “home care” covers care at home, domiciliary care, live-in care, supported or assisted living, palliative or end of life care, dementia care and other forms of care that take place at a client’s or patient’s home.




Expertise Categories (awarded to home care providers)


A. Respite care expertise (including shared care expertise)

B. Specialist care expertise (excluding mental health and dementia care)

C. Mental health and dementia care expertise

D. Nursing care expertise

E. Day care expertise

F. Live-in care expertise

G. Palliative / end-of-life care expertise

H. Innovative technology expertise – sponsored by Care Planner

I. Marketing expertise (including advertising, social media, marketing and PR competences)

J. Recruitment, retention and  staff motivation expertise – sponsored by Residential & Home Care Show

K. Training and development expertise – sponsored by the Care Show

L. Response to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) – sponsored by Autumna

M. Team support expertise (head office or behind-the-scenes support)

N. Team support expertise (staff wellbeing, personal development, mental health effects, personal communication, career guidance, etc)

O. Best start-up home care service or new franchisee (since September 1, 2019) – sponsored by Mia Care Services

P. Best independent home care provider

Q. Best individual home care branch or franchise within a group or network

R. Best home care group or franchise network – sponsored by Unique IQ


Gold Awards for Outstanding Achievement


OA1. Most Outstanding Individual in Home Care
(chosen from those individuals nominated by themselves or by others, and the supporting information provided).
If you are nominating someone or nominating yourself for the category for Most Outstanding Individual you will need to complete the Outstanding Individual Entry Form. The deadline for nominations is slightly later, but must be received by January 21, 2022.

OA2. Most Outstanding Home Care Provider
The winner of the following top award is chosen by the judges as “best in show”. This category cannot be entered directly. To be eligible for consideration contenders must have entered one or more of the Expertise categories, though it is expected that the winner will have demonstrated competence, innovation and expertise across more than one category. The Gold winner may not have won a category outright, but they will have provided evidence of the breadth of their service and competence and have been highly placed across two or three categories.



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