Entry Fees



How much does it cost to enter?


With the growth of the Home Care Awards and the number of entries received, the processing of entries and the administration of the judging process involve real costs and so modest entry fees have been introduced to cover them.

All entries and their bona fides are checked before they are added to the judging lists. Entries are then collated and bookmarked in portfolios for the ease of the judges. The judging panels are convened, the judging process is supervised and any judging event is hosted. The cost of items associated with the judging are covered; all marks to establish a benchmark for all categories are calculated; and the short lists of finalists are compiled and published.

First entry: £75.00 plus VAT (£90.00 including VAT)
Second or subsequent entry made by the same organisation: £50.00 plus VAT (£60.00 including VAT), each

Fees should be paid at the time of entry, but if you wish to make multiple entries and receive just one invoice for payment, this can be arranged. 


Deadline for entries: November 30, 2020



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